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Aktivite Yeşilova Höyüğü alanı içinde yer alan “deneysel kazı alanında” ve Yeşilova Höyüğü’nün yanına inşa edilen “tarih öncesi döneme ait köyün içinde” yapılmaktadır.

Tanışma Kazı Zamana Yolculuk
Tanışma Kazı Zamana Yolculuk

Zaman Yolculuğu he Yesilova Höyük Time Travel” project was estabilished to define the prehistoric settlement in Izmir and its first citizens. This international project is jointly organized by the Municipality of Bornova and the Municipality of Kalmar in Sweden and is a part of the TUSENET project. Trial activities regarding the project are being undertaken in a part of the “Izmir’s prehisoric settlement: Yesilova Höyük, Education and Exhibition Area”.
The main target of this project, which integrates the archeological area with tourism and education, is to make history a living concept for people and work closely with universities, municipalities and educational facilities to develop an affinity for history.
30-35 people groups of 11-12 ages who come to the Yesilova Höyük get the chance to travel back in time at the Neolithic Village with expert educators chosen from the dig crew. The time travel activity starts rightafter the touring ıf the dig site and children are invited to experience life in prehistoric villages by wearing special leather suits. The activities within the Neolithic village include baking bread, coloring, producing clayley objects and jewelry. Arround two thousand local and foreign children have participated in these activities up until now thus turning the Yesilova Höyük into a living archeological site. Click on

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